Six books on the topics of creativity, advertising, and digital design.

CREATIVE BOOT CAMP: Generate Ideas in Greater Quantity & Quality in 30 Days

New Riders Publishing, 2013

Creative Boot Camp is a 30-day creative training program that will increase the quantity and quality of your ideas. The book begins by exploring what creativity is and isn't, how we can train ourselves to improve our own ideation, and what steps we need to take to generate more ideas and better ideas for our creative selves, our creative projects, our creative businesses, and our creative lives.

CHASING THE MONSTER IDEA: The Marketer's Almanac for Predicting Idea Epicness

Wiley Publishing, 2011

This fun and insightful book sorts out the hallmarks of a monstrous idea by providing Mumaw's idea measurement tools in the form of seven primary questions to gauge the potential of any idea. These seven questions are supported by real-world examples of ideas that succeeded in winning over their audience, resulting in buzz and social share beyond their rightful audience size.

CAFFEINE FOR THE CREATIVE TEAM: 150 Exercises to Inspire Group Innovation

HOW Books, 2009

Working with a team can be difficult, and generating viable ideas with a team can be even harder. But a solution is at hand! Caffeine for the Creative Team is the only tool you need to encourage successful brainstorming. This collection of short, focused creative exercises is just the boost you need to get your team's collective brain working.

CAFFEINE FOR THE CREATIVE MIND: 250 Exercises to Wake Up Your Brain

HOW Books, 2006

You probably grab a cup of coffee for that extra boost of energy. Throughout the day, you are asked to be creative, to come up with new and better ideas. So what do you do when you need a creative jolt for your brain? Now you can turn to Caffeine for the Creative Mind. This collection of short, focused creative exercises is just the boost you need get your brain working. 

REDESIGNING WEBSITES: Retooling for the Changing Needs of Business

Rockport Publishing, 2003

In the first wave of e-commerce, the challenge for designers was to create new websites for clients. Now that challenge has changed. To meet the shifting demands of the digital marketplace companies are asking designers to help them upgrade of revamp their existing sites - an entirely different and often much more difficult proposition. Featuring in-depth case studies of 22 redesigned websites, this book uses a before-and-after model to reveal the purpose of the original site, the reasons it was no longer effective and the specific ways each designer solved those problems through redesign.

SIMPLE WEBSITES: Organizing Content-Rich Web Sites Into Simple Structures

Rockport Publishing, 2002

Once websites were simple and easy to navigate, but didn’t contain much useful information. Today, they are packed with information and oftentimes are equally packed with complex navigational systems that confuse more than they help. With tips from successful professionals, as well as inspiring visual examples, this is a book that no Web designer today can afford to be without.